Two Vegan Sistas, LLC is comprised of two vegan sisters who have over 26 years of vegan experience combined. Dr. Bretta King is a chemist and educator who has a strong nutrition background. Her mission is to help people to eat healthier and to have fun doing it- but without force or judgement. She has found through her own research and experiences that the vegan diet (one devoid of animal products) when practiced properly is very beneficial for ones health and well-being. In addition, when one consumes a vegan diet that is 80% live, the health benefits can be off the charts! Dr. King has found that the major challenges to eating this way may be lack of time and lack of flavor in the food! Therefore, Dr. King and her sister Belinda have mastered the art of making these food both delicious and nutritious. Two Vegan Sistas offers delicious, healthy, low fat vegan food at your fingertips! Their menu as an 80% live vegan menus.

Aren’t you tired of the high gas prices? Two Vegan Sistas delivers to most locations in the Memphis Area- to your home, office, etc.

Dr, King’s sister, Belinda, is an artists, poet, and graphic designer who also uses her artistic ability to help to create some of their recipes. Eating an 80% raw vegan diet has helped to protect and shield these sisters from all of the diseases and illnesses that ‘run in their family’ including obesity. Whenever Dr. King goes for her annual check ups, the doctors are amazed at the results, and Belinda is always mistaken for a teenager- though she is well into her 40s!

So, won’t you call Two Vegan Sistas, Inc. today at 1-800-984-0379 to place an order?

Save money on gas with our economical delivery service! We also invite you to join us at our sit-down restaurant, 6343 Summer Ave, #110 Memphis, TN 38134.

Our foods are vegan (vegetarian and void of any animal products). Products are 99% soy-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free. Our menu is 80% raw that is heated (<105ᵒF) and 20% cooked (>110ᵒF)

For large crowds, please call your order in to us in advance. We make everything fresh and from scratch, and this takes some time for large groups. We dont want large groups to have a long wait time